By J. Thorus. Wayland Baptist University.

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She overworks purchase residronate 35 mg with mastercard, overeats buy 35mg residronate, overdrinks residronate 35 mg amex, overdiets, and overprovides to her two young kids and husband. Her blood pressure crept up since her first child, and she never lost the baby weight. Other symptoms of excess estrogen include mood swings, headaches, rosacea, heavy periods, and bloating. I suspected the excess estrogen was related to the high stress of grueling work combined with the demands of motherhood. She took a six- week mental health leave from her job and began an exercise regimen of Pilates and the elliptical trainer four days a week. She adopted the Paleolista Food Plan— more lean protein, no refined carbs, and vegetables, vegetables, vegetables—with clear guidelines as to types and quantities of food. Her family- practice doctor was delighted with her lower blood pressure and began weaning her off diuretics. In Japan, where women have a sixfold lower risk of breast cancer, people eat seaweed regularly. After consuming 5 grams per day for seven weeks, the group that took Alaria had significantly lowered estrogen levels. Iodine consumption may trigger problems in people with Hashimoto’s or autoimmune thyroiditis, so consult your doctor if you have this condition. If you know that you do not have antibodies to the thyroid, you can probably consume small amounts of Alaria, but keep in mind that the recommended daily allowance of iodine is just 150 micrograms per day (less in children). Resveratrol is a potent botanical—derived from grapes, berries, and other plants—that helps direct estrogen metabolism away from the less-good estrogen, 4-hydroxy-estrone, and toward the more protective pathways. Although the combination is synergistic, this has been shown only in in vitro studies of cells. Turmeric has been shown to counter the proliferative effect of estrogen on cancer cells. Sprinkle a teaspoon of organic turmeric on whatever you’re eating for lunch or dinner. If a tablespoon per day of turmeric on your food is not your idea of haute cuisine, then consider a supplement. Here’s a favorite: Meriva, a patented delivery form of turmeric phytosome, which contains Curcuma longa root and phospholipid extract, available as Curcumax Pro from Integrative Therapeutics or Curcuma-Sorb from Pure Encapsulations. Follow directions on the bottle (for Curcumax, it’s one tablet twice per day following meals; for CurcumaSorb, it’s one 250 mg capsule, up to six times per day in between meals). Turns out that one of its components, xanthohumol, is active against breast, colon, and ovarian cancer cells. Hops have been shown to reduce estrogen levels via aromatase, an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen. Integrative Therapeutics has hops in its Revitalizing Sleep Formula, a supplement I sometimes take to help get some shut-eye. Other hops- containing sleep formulas include Tori Hudson’s Sleepblend and Julian Whitaker’s Restful Night Essentials. With her many board positions and activities, she wants her mind to stay alert and work quickly, and she believes estrogen contributes to her executive functioning. After going through menopause and reading Suzanne Somers’s books, she became interested in the Wiley Protocol. A pelvic ultrasound showed that since her previous ultrasound, Maggie’s fibroids had increased in size—a sign of excess estrogen. Treatment protocol: Dropping her estradiol fourfold from the Wiley dosing, I recommended a standard dose of 0. Results: Maggie experienced a few days of estrogen withdrawal, after which she adjusted to the estradiol patch. After three months, another ultrasound showed that her fibroids had shrunk by more than 50 percent, back to the previous year’s dimensions. I recommended getting off the estradiol patch at that point, but Maggie prefers her quality of life on estrogen, so we plan to monitor her every six to twelve months for fibroid growth and to discuss the risks, benefits, and alternatives to hormone therapy. That’s how frequently I like to meet with my patients to discuss the latest findings with hormone therapy and to examine the body for changes. Estrogen in Balance When you have your estrogen in the sweet spot, you feel feminine and content. Among hundreds of other duties, it builds and maintains the structure and function of the vaginal, urethral, and vulvar tissues; it stimulates and develops the female reproductive organs, preparing and maintaining the uterus for pregnancy; and along with its partner, progesterone, it regulates the menstrual cycle. As I described estrogen’s intricate tango dance with progesterone in the previous chapter, I pointed out that it is much more common to have too much estrogen than too little, at least until your last year of perimenopause. I think of estrogen as a woman’s life force, which means having too little can feel like a slow death. One patient with low estrogen told me she was “dry, cranky, and barely holding it together. If you’ve had a child and remember going through an emotional roller coaster postpartum, that was just a preview of coming attractions in perimenopause, which typically begins sometime between age thirty-five and age fifty.

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The cold water faucet may be bringing you cadmium discount residronate 35 mg on-line, copper or lead residronate 35mg sale, but it is safer than purchased water cheap 35mg residronate, which inevitably has solvents in it. All the water you use after this surge is now polluted, so you will be getting it chronically, whereas the unfiltered water cleans up again after the surge passes. An inexpensive pure carbon filter that is replaced every month may improve your tap water. Inflexible plastic pitchers fitted with a carbon filter pack are available (see Sources). Never buy filters with silver or other chemicals, even if they are just added to the carbon. You have to see it being made, but watch carefully: I recently went to a juice bar where they made every- thing fresh, before your very eyes. But if you did not watch them filling the jugs, you missed seeing them add a tablespoon of concentrate, from a bottle out of sight, to give it better flavor. It still qualifies as “Fresh squeezed 100% orange juice,” but thanks to that concentrate it now has toluene and xylene in it! Best of all, buy a juicer, select completely unbruised fruit, wash with plain water, and make your own juice (enough for a week—freeze it in half pint plastic bottles). If you or a friend would be willing to make fresh juice, this would be much better than purchased juice. After you are accustomed to this, add other vegetables and greens to the juice to make up half of it. Use celery, lettuce, cabbage, cucumber, beet, squash, tomato, everything raw that you normally have in your refrigerator. If you will miss your coffee or decaf, try just plain hot water with boiled whipping cream. It is also allowable to use solvents to make spice oleoresins, which are used as fla- voring. Isopropyl alcohol may be present in the following foods un- der the conditions specified: (a) In spice oleoresins as a residue from the extraction of spice, at a level not to exceed 50 parts per million. I hope you do, and I hope you find that the food in your area is cleaner than mine! Remember that the Syncrometer can only determine the presence or absence of something, not the concentration. There may only be a few parts per billion, but a sick person trying to get well cannot afford any solvent intake. For that matter, none of us should tolerate any of these: • Acetone in carbonated drinks • Benzene in store-bought drinking water (including dis- tilled), store-bought fruit juice (including health varieties) • Carbon tetrachloride in store-bought drinking water • Decane in health foods and beverages • Hexanes in decafs • Hexanedione in flavored foods • Isophorone in flavored foods • Methyl butyl ketone and Methyl ethyl ketone in flavored foods • Methylene chloride in fruit juice • Pentane in decafs • Propyl alcohol in bottled water, commercial fruit juices, commercial beverages. I imagine these solvents are just tiny amounts, introduced by sterilizing equipment, the manufacturing process, and adding flavor or color. But until safe methods are invented, such food should be considered unsafe for human consumption (or pets or livestock! Food Preparation Cook your food in glass, enamel, ceramic or microwavable pots and pans. Throw away all metal ware, foil wrap, and metal- capped salt shakers since you will never use them again. If you have recurring urinary tract infections, you should reduce your metal contact even further; eat with plastic cutlery. Why are we still using stainless steel cookware when it contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel? Even if you have a gas hot water heater, the heated water leaches metals or glues from your pipes. If your kitchen tap is the single lever type, make sure it is fully on cold for cooking. Food Guidelines It is impossible to remember everything about every food, but in general do not buy foods that are highly processed. Here are a few foods; see if you can guess whether they should be in your diet or not. Here are some do’s and don’ts; Do carry your own aluminum-free salt and vitamin C powder with you. If getting food “to go,” get it in clear plastic containers, or ask them to line the styrofoam container with paper or plastic wrap, and line the styrofoam cup with a plastic baggy. As you see your symptoms disappear, one after another, you will feel the magic of healing. The coincidence makes it tempting to believe that one symptom turns into a different one. If a new symptom appears, it is because another pathogen has become activated due to a new toxin. Stop using any new food, supplement, or body product, even if it is a health variety, and see if it goes away. Freedom to dress in a variety of styles, use make-up or no make- up, jewelry or no jewelry, any kind of hair style, any kind of shoes.

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