By X. Bufford. Dominican College.

Conclusion: site supporting exercise intervention could improve health effects Numerous 0activity limitations and participation restrictions af- compared with traditional dietary and exercise guidance discount 100 mg cilostazol with mastercard. We fect women at 1 year of breast cancer surgery; arm mobility and studied 28 metabolic syndrome patients (mean age 49±11 yrs purchase cilostazol 100mg with visa, 11 surgery type are the strongest predictors of complications discount cilostazol 50 mg without prescription, reduced men) who were recruited from employees working for Rosai Hos- independence and impairment in body image perception. Worksite support- ing exercise intervention provided time and place of exercise, and *E. Body weight tended to be more patients’s body composition, cardiopulmonary function and en- greatly reduced in group A than group B at 6 months (-3. Subjects exercised 3 times a week, using indoor rowing Body weight reduction after T+S regimen was signifcantly greater machine (Concept2 Model E. T+S regimen sig- 5-minute warm-up, a 10-minute rowing exercise, and a 5-minute nifcantly reduced waist circumference, % body fat, systolic blood cooling-down period. Dual- Conclusion:These data suggest that worksite supporting exercise energy X-ray absorptiometry and cardiopulmonary exercise test intervention could improve effcacy of weight reduction, lipid pro- were done before and after 12-weeks rowing exercise training for fle and arterial stiffness compared with traditional lifestyle guid- investigating the intensity of rowing exercise. So we thought that low intensity rowing exercise might characteristics in patients of obese polycystic ovary syndrome effect positively on endothelial function. References: 1) Alexander Borinow-Wojewodski Quality of Life in Patients with Neuromusculoskeletal et all. Effects of rehabilitation on physical ef ciency in patients with lung cancer evaluated by means of the 6-minute walking test. American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine vol 166, 2002: 111-117. Background: About 15% of the world’s population (year 2010) is estimated to live with some form of disability. Objectives: 1) as- of the Sphincter of the Rectum sessing the subjective quality of life of patients with neuromus- culoskeletal and movement-related function disabilities and, 2) *I. Methods: According to the European and American statistics fecal inconti- 330 participants (62. The most frequent from a public institution in Mexico providing specialized outpa- causes of violations of the contractility of the sphincter of the rec- tient rehabilitation. Treatment and re- Males reported more favorable quality of life levels than women. Younger participants deterioration in the quality of life, reduced activity, a change in scored signifcantly higher in the overall quality of life item and the emotional sphere of patients. Female and elderly patients with diseases of fectiveness of compre-hensive rehabilitation programs for patients the nervous system were particularly affected in the physical and with fecal incontinence. Methods: All patients before and after treatment were psychological dimensions seem particularly negatively affected in surveyed Wexner scale, in order to assess the quality of life and female and elderly patients with diseases of the nervous system. Conclusions: Implementation of comprehensive reha- Aim of the Study was to investigate the effect of preoperative re- bilitation with biofeedback-technology is an effective treatment of habilitation program in patients with lung cancer who are prepar- fecal incontinence. As part of the preoperative preparation was carried out in all patients, respiratory rehabilitation and physical The Evaluation of Basic Motor Functional Ability in training on the bike and treadmill for a period of 12 days. After de- exercise types have not been studied as much as cardiovascular termination of the initial exercise capacity, patients underwent 15 exercise. At the beginning of the training, patients had no symptoms of heart failure and coronary artery disease. Results: all patients showed a signifcant increase in exer- Patients with Coronary Artery Disease cise capacity parameters: peak heart rate increased from 116. Materials and Methods: 44 patients with high-density lipoprotein cholesterol remained unchanged (1. All the patients received adequate antihyper- group (twenty one-hour session; 22 patients) and cardiac rehabili- tensive drug therapy. However, systolic blood pressure additionally tation group twenty sessions with specifcprotocol (22 patients). Con- of patients were female and 80% were male in the range of 35 to clusion: a statistically signifcant improvement in exercise capacity 75 years old. But these modalities did not show preferences to each Chronic Kidney Disease: a New Target of Cardiac Reha- other in therapeutic approaches, at present study. Liao 76% were male and 24% female, 62% were admitted to the program for Acute Coronary syndrome. Patients with of this study is to identify the lymphedema characteristics and to diabetes mellitus showed a worse outcome of functional capacity. The remaining variables had no signifcant infuence on functional Material and Methods: We performed a retrospective review of capacity. A higher number of cause of the fewer therapy sessions and poorer compliance with comorbidities (p=0. Fer- Methods: Retrospective cross-sectional descriptive study of patients nandes2, S. The Introduction: Sexual dysfunction after ischemic heart disease is independent variables were age, gender, dyslipidemia, diabetes mel- well documented in men; in the female this issue is recent and litus, hypertension, smoking habits, body mass index, sedentarism literature is scarce. Collected sociode- mographic and clinical data on heart disease and cardiovascular risk factors.

Les tableaux 2 et 3 présentent un aperçu de la production mondiale de matières premières opiacées 13 generic 50mg cilostazol free shipping. Selon les évaluations soumises par les gouver- nements des principaux pays producteurs order cilostazol 50 mg without prescription, la production de 2004 à 2007 discount cilostazol 100 mg with visa, ainsi que les projections pour 2008 mondiale de matières premières opiacées riches en et 2009. Ces tableaux font l’objet d’une nouvelle morphine devrait considérablement augmenter en 2009, présentation, mais les informations qu’ils renferment pour s’établir à 467 tonnes équivalent morphine, en demeurent comparables à celles qui figuraient aux raison d’une hausse importante des surfaces cultivées tableaux 2 et 3 des éditions antérieures de la présente dans ces pays, en particulier en Australie, en France et publication. Comme le montre le tableau 2, la pro- duction totale de matières premières opiacées riches en en Inde. Par ailleurs, la production mondiale de matières premières opiacées riches en thébaïne devrait encore morphine dans les principaux pays producteurs, qui avait commencé à baisser en 2004, a encore fléchi pour progresser et s’établir à 248 tonnes équivalent thébaïne, en raison de l’augmentation continue des cultures en la quatrième année consécutive en 2007, s’établissant 5 Australie. Comme les années précédentes, la production à 252 tonnes équivalent morphine , en raison d’une nouvelle réduction de la superficie récoltée dans plusieurs effective de matières premières opiacées en 2009 pourrait sensiblement différer des évaluations, en raison de divers pays producteurs (voir par. L’Espagne est devenue le principal pays producteur en 2007, en raison facteurs, notamment les conditions météorologiques. L’Espagne a représenté 30 % de la production mondiale, opiacées et d’opiacés dérivés de ces suivie par l’Australie (23 %), l’Inde et la Turquie (12 % matières premières chacune), la France (8 %) et la Hongrie (6 %). Comme indiqué au tableau 2, les stocks mondiaux de la production mondiale en 2007. La production mondiale de matières premières intermédiaire) ont été suffisants, à la fin de 2007, pour opiacées riches en thébaïne6 a augmenté pour s’établir couvrir la demande mondiale pendant plus de 15 mois. En 2008, la production de matières premières des stocks mondiaux de matières premières opiacées opiacées riches en morphine devrait demeurer infé- riches en morphine. La part de ces stocks dans les autres rieure au niveau prévu et n’augmenter que légèrement, grands pays producteurs s’établissait à 41 % en 2007, pour s’établir à 257 tonnes équivalent morphine, du la France en détenant 88 tonnes, l’Espagne 65 tonnes, fait de conditions météorologiques défavorables dans l’Australie 51 tonnes et la Hongrie 15 tonnes. Selon les informations restants étaient détenus par des pays importateurs de actuellement disponibles, l’Espagne devrait rester le matières premières opiacées. Les stocks de matières premières opiacées riches d’opium devrait chuter pour s’inscrire à 15 tonnes en thébaïne ont atteint 95 tonnes en 2007 (voir seulement équivalent morphine, soit la moitié de la tableau 3) et ont été suffisants pour couvrir la demande production en 2007, en raison d’une forte réduction mondiale pendant environ 8 mois. Les stocks mondiaux d’opiacés dérivés de la nues à partir du pavot à opium riche en thébaïne, mais tient compte aussi de la thébaïne contenue dans le pavot à opium riche en morphine, morphine, détenus principalement sous forme de lorsqu’il y a lieu. La demande mondiale de matières premières 337 tonnes, ce qui aurait été suffisant pour couvrir opiacées riches en thébaïne a augmenté ces dernières la demande mondiale de ces opiacés pendant environ années, bien qu’avec des fluctuations, comme le un an, même en l’absence de fabrication d’opiacés montre le tableau 3. En 2007, toutefois, la demande supplémentaires à partir de matières premières de matières premières riches en thébaïne a chuté à opiacées. La demande totale de années, les stocks mondiaux d’opiacés dérivés de la matières premières opiacées riches en thébaïne devrait thébaïne (oxycodone, thébaïne et une très petite s’établir à environ 140 tonnes équivalent thébaïne en quantité d’oxymorphone) ont chuté à 126 tonnes à 2008 et 160 tonnes en 2009. Ces stocks, principalement détenus dans les pays utilisateurs, demeurent suffisants pour satisfaire la demande mondiale pendant environ Demande d’opiacés mesurée en fonction 22 mois. On trouvera à la figure I une ventilation, par Demande de matières principaux stupéfiants, de la demande d’opiacés dérivés de la morphine exprimée en équivalent premières opiacées morphine. La demande mondiale de ces opiacés a continué d’augmenter, avec quelques fluctuations. Elle devrait fondant sur: a) l’utilisation des matières premières encore enregistrer une hausse, y compris dans les pays opiacées pour tenir compte de la demande des où la consommation d’opiacés a été faible par le passé. Surtout concentrée aux États-Unis, la demande Demande de matières premières opiacées d’opiacés dérivés de la thébaïne, qui avait fortement exprimée par les fabricants, mesurée en augmenté depuis la fin des années 90, a de nouveau connu une hausse en 2007 à hauteur de 67 tonnes et fonction des quantités de matières elle devrait continuer à progresser, en partie parce que premières utilisées 19. Consommation d’opiacés fabriqués à partir mondiale de matières premières opiacées riches en de la morphine, en tonnes équivalent morphine, 2004-2007 morphine a augmenté, tout en fluctuant. Comme le montre le tableau 2, cette tendance s’est poursuivie Tonnes pendant la période 2004-2007 et la demande totale a 350 atteint 404 tonnes en 2007, exprimées en équivalent morphine. La part de l’opium dans le total des matières premières utilisées devrait continuer 250 de reculer. La demande totale de matières premières opiacées riches en morphine devrait s’élever à environ 200 420 tonnes en 2008 et 450 tonnes en 2009. En s’élever à quelque 75 tonnes équivalent thébaïne en 2009, la production totale devrait dépasser la demande 2008 et 80 tonnes en 2009. L’offre Différence entre l’offre et la demande mondiale de matières premières opiacées riches en morphine (stocks et production) restera amplement de matières premières opiacées suffisante pour répondre à la demande mondiale. En ce qui concerne les matières premières riches matières premières opiacées riches en morphine est en thébaïne, la production, qui était inférieure à la restée inférieure à la demande mondiale. La production demande depuis 2004, lui a été presque équivalente totale, qui avait couvert environ 80 % de la demande en 2007. Au début de 2008, les stocks de matières totale en 2006, n’en a couvert que quelque 60 % premières opiacées riches en thébaïne étaient suffisants en 2007. La production 2008 et 2009 devrait dépasser la demande totale et les totale devrait demeurer inférieure à la demande totale stocks devraient de nouveau être alimentés. Au début de en 2008, dans à peu près la même proportion qu’en 2009, les stocks de matières premières opiacées riches 2007.

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While experimental group received two weeks with severe paresis (Fugl-Meyer score <22) and 1 of 7 (14 discount cilostazol 50mg free shipping. Facilitation of skilled fnger two values of unaffected side has increased after 2 weeks and 4 movements by repetitive peripheral magnetic stimulation (rpms) weeks order 100mg cilostazol otc. Effects of gests that core stability training can strangthen the muscle func- repetitive magnetic stimulation on upper-limb spasticity and im- tion of lumbar spine multifdus buy generic cilostazol 50 mg,which is important to maintain the pairment in patients with spastic hemiparesis: a randomized, dou- stability of axis. The two conditions (vibration Introduction: Little is known about the effects of robotic training on and off) were compared with the patients being verticalized. A pilot study is now being conducted in The vibration increased the heart rate and the oxygen saturation. Materials and Methods: The ongoing open ran- diminished spasticity, contributing to decrease the subject reported domized controlled trial foresees the enrolment of thirty patients symptoms of heaviness and stiffness in subjects with post-stroke with work related ankle and/or hindfoot fractures and subsequent hemiparesis. Control subjects are assisted by a physiotherapist during range of motion recovery *L. Results: Sixteen recently introduced in the feld of rehabilitation as an innovative subjects (8 controls) completed the study by October 2014. T3; Body weight not exceeding 90 Kg; presence of high level The experimental group showed signifcant improvements in both spasticity, more than 3/4 of Modifed Ashworth Score and limited robotic (muscle strength in the plantar fexors: p=0. No ad- up of a mechanical frame (exoskeleton) that is donned by the pa- verse events were recorded. After the orthotic adaptation of the exoskeleton of robotic training in terms of force and motor control recovery the precise selection of functional parameters of the gait cycle rely and functional improvements are encouraging. One Patients with Post-Stroke Hemiparesis Treated By Ro- of the patients climbed, with help, a few steps on the stairs. The light and portable exoskeleton hand robot design allows user to practice functional Introduction/Background: Progressive technology has enabled the daily living tasks with their own hands with their intention, such as development of increasingly advanced robotic exoskeletons. The unique design, functionality and outcomes of In- scores, Action Research Arm Test and Wolf Motor Function Test). Walking is an integral part of healthy Signifcant reduction in spasticity of the fngers was measured by living. Studies have correlated the inability to walk with increased the Modifed Ashworth Score. Conclusion: Brain training system risk for secondary health complications and decreased quality of with robotic hand have the potential to facilitate the motor recov- life. Indego is not intended to replace a wheelchair as the primary ery on the hand and upper limb functions. Methods: Over 50 subjects have been enrolled in Indego clinical trials across the United States. Walking measures include 10 Meter Walk Test, 6 Minute Walk Test, Timed Robotic Upper Limb Rehabilitation in Stroke Patients Up and Go and a 600 Meter walk. Improvements in the up- outside surfaces including sidewalks, grass and ramps within 5 ses- per limb function are often limited. As robotics evolves, its use in Physical Medicine and Rehabilita- Conclusion: Preliminary data on the Indego Exoskeleton suggest it tion can become an important adjuvant to conventional therapies can be used for mobility, therapy or exercise benefts. Robotic systems allow Feasibility and Practice of Robot-Assisted Gait Training an intensive, repetitive, functional and individualized treatment with in Daily Clinical Practice in Brain-Injured Patients: a interactive interfaces which increase motivation. Greater diversity, higher autonomy, lower time and energy consumption and a continu- Preliminary Study ous and objective evaluation count as advantages. Dav- undermining the therapist-patient relationship, lack of active partici- eluy, M. Younger models technique in neurorehabilitation that is especially applied in brain- aiming the distal segments have enabled increases on distal motor injured patients. Methods: 19 hemiparetic brain-injured patients (stroke n=16; trau- Robotics may contribute as diagnostic and monitoring tool, allowing matic brain injury n=3) were included. The latest models based on exoskeletons may week for at least 30 minutes of effective gait, combined with regu- enable even better functional results. Clinical assessments were performed before re- habilitation (D0), at its end (W4) and ten weeks after its beginning (W10). To reach this goal and to try to accepted by patients, with a mean tolerance of 83. Bodyweight support, gait ing using exoskeleton or end-effector devices have been developed. Only ground mobility, has been proven only for complete spinal cord in- few demographics, impairments and activity variables were cor- jured patients and no data have been presented regarding the use of related with the Lokomat settings. Although the specifc part of these devices in hemiparetic patients due to brain damage. Its use of both limbs was collected in two different conditions: a) walk- increases throughout the sessions, but factors explaining the set- ing on ground at self-selected speed in patient’s standard condition ting of the robot remain to be more precisely studied.

P-477 Abradelo buy 50mg cilostazol, Manuel P-53 cheap cilostazol 50mg with mastercard, P-208 50 mg cilostazol visa, Almutawa, Abdulmonem P-458 Aronovich, Anna O-91 P-274, P-418, P-503 Aloia, Thomas A. P-152, P-246, Arrese, Marco P-366, P-516 Abradelo Usera, Manuel P-203, P-405 P-271, P-311, P-441 Arriaga, Francisco P-133 Adadynski, Leszek P-107, P-303 Al-Osaimi, Abdullah P-333 Arroyo, Vicente P-193 Adam, R. O-68, O-120, P-48, Alper, Mehmet P-356 Arru, Luca P-520 P-116, P-126, Alsarraj, Ibrahim P-37 Arsène, Dominique P-380 P-256, P-284, P-462 Al-Sebayel, Mohammed P-85, P-458 Arslan, Çigdem P-149, P-250 Adamec, Milos P-31 Al-Shaqrani, Mohammad P-513 Arslan, Gulnaz O-62, P-75, P-137, Adani, Gian Luigi P-123, P-282 Alsina, Angel E. 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P-55 Bahaa, Mohamed P-315, P-317 Al Abdulkareem, Abdulmajeed P-337 Anselmo, Alessandro P-27 Bahra, Marcus O-74, P-41, P-283, P-410 Al Bashir, Abdulla P-214, P-338, P-339 Anthony, Tiffany P-266, P-414, P-463 Baía, Carlos P-3, P-96, P-102, Al Bashir, Abdullah P-242 Antoine, Corinne O-30 P-212, P-276, P-443, P-487 Al Kofahi, Mohamed P-368 Antoniadis, Nikolaos P-118, P-344, P-470 Baiocchi, Leonardo P-27 Al Qusous, Sahem P-403 Antonini, T. P-253 Al-Abdulkareem, Abdulmajeed P-37 P-48, P-126, P-411 Baker, Alastair P-139 Alalwan, Abduljaleel P-220 Antoniou, Efstathios A. P-57 Baker, Alistair P-108 Albert, Kathrin P-97 Apostolakos, Michaele P-115 Bakthavatsalam, Ramasamy O-95, O-141 Albuquerque, Miguel O-56 Aqel, Bashar A. P-472 Bouffard, Yves P-51, P-142, P-229, P-231, Bernardi, Mauro O-44, P-131, P-499 P-354, P-506, P-525 P-296, P-369, P-486 Berrevoet, Frederik P-524 Bourgeois, Nadine O-17 Ballarin, Roberto O-71, O-83, P-459 Bertoli, Paolo P-162, P-349 Bowen, David G. 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O-10 Bonsignore, Pasquale P-92 Bustamante, Javier P-232, P-273, Benjamin, Granger P-476 Boogert, Laura O-152 P-415, P-521 Bennett, Kellie P-269 Boon, Nathalie O-17 Busuttil, Ronald O-10, O-79, O-88, Benseler, Volker O-93 Bora, Seymen P-250 O-117, O-121, O-155, P-104, Bensman, Albert O-80 Borges, Gleydson C. O-72 Berenguer, Marina O-20, O-104, Boszczowski, Icaro P-372 Cairús, Luciana P-113 O-150, P-38, P-386 Bottema, Jan T.

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Externally order cilostazol 100mg otc, Horehound is used for fleshy drupes that are edible and pleasant-tasting order cilostazol 100mg amex. No health hazards or side effects are known in conjunction sessile purchase 100mg cilostazol otc, unevenly lobed, and serrate with short rough hairs on with the proper administration of designated therapeutic the upper surface. Mode of Administration: The drug is used internally in the form of liquid extracts and tinctures. Saccharose (10%) Daily Dose: Single dose of the drug is 2 to 4 g (as an Pectins infusion); Liquid extract: 1 to 3 ml; Tincture: 1 to 2 ml. The active agents are sugar, acids, pectin and rutin, but there is no information available regarding their effects. Proteins (40%) Madaus G, Lehrbuch der Biologischen Arzneimittel, Bde 1-3, Phenyl propane derivatives: including sinapine (choline Nachdruck, Georg Olms Verlag Hildesheim 1979. The drug contains glucosinolates whose main constituent, sinigrin, is converted through enzymatic hydrolysis to allyl mustard oil. The flowers have 4 free poultice is applied, sometimes to achieve an antirheumatic sepals, 4 free petals, 6 stamens and 1 ovary. They are yellowish-green, usually glabrous, upright ma) or to stimulate the cardiopulmonary system (frost bite and slightly splayed. The style is thin Homeopathic Uses: Uses in homeopathy include irritation of and has a semi-globose, cushion-like stigma. It is 10 to 25 mm long and pressed onto the Use of Black Mustard is contraindicated in individuals with stem. It is almost round and conjunction with the proper administration of designated bristly-haired at the base, with a bluish bloom toward the therapeutic dosages. The stem is glabrous with upright branches almost in kidney irritation) could occur following internal administra- bushels. The leaves are petiolate, up to 12 cm long and 5 cm tion, due to fiie mucus-membrane-irritating effect of the wide. They are pinnatifid and densely dentate, with 2 sensitization; contact allergies have been observed. Habitat: Black Mustard grows in temperate regions Sneezing, coughing and possible asthmatic attacks can result worldwide. Eyes Homeopathic Dosage: 5 drops, 1 tablet, 10 globules every 30 should be protected when preparing or using the poultices to 60 minutes (acute) or 1 to 3 times daily (chronic); because the vapors can cause eye irritation. Drug Interactions: Avoid concomitant use of preparations Hansel R, Keller K, Rimpler H, Schneider G (Hrsg. A of acidosis should be treated with sodium bicarbonate Teuscher E, Lindequist U, Biogene Gifte - Biologie, Chemie, infusions. Cardiac massage, intubation and oxygen respira- Teuscher E, Biogene Arzneimittel, 5. On rare occasions, Black Mustard is used as a constituent in antirheumatic prepara- tions and cardiac ointments. Black Nightshade How Supplied: Allyl mustard oil: 1 to 3% solution, ointments, emulsions and other rubs (including a rheumatism Solanum nigrum liniment) are available from commercial sources. Use on the chest should not exceed 10 minutes (with a collected during the flowering season and the whole fresh maximum of 3 to 5 minutes for children). Flower and Fruit: The small white flowers are in 6- to 10- When mustard paper is used, it is immersed in warm water blossomed, umbel-like, nodding, axillary inflorescences. The corolla is 5-tipped W To prepare a full mustard bath, mix 100 to 200 g mustard with a short tube. There are 5 stamens wim clavate anthers flour with cold water and press through a cloth into the warm inclining toward each other. The fruit is a pea-sized black, occasionally other container that allows the warm water to extend up the green or yellow, berry. Add 1 to 3 dessertspoons of Leaves, Stem and Root: Solanum nigrum is an annual plant mustard flour and stir. The stem is erect, leafy and angular Daily Dosage: The poultice is placed on the chest for about with outward-inclined branches. The leaves are fleshy, 10 minutes (with a maximum of 3 to 5 minutes for children). Overdoses resulting from the intake of large quantities of fresh foliage with high alkaloid content could lead to Habitat: The plant is found worldwide. Mode of Administration: The herb is available as a ground drug, tincture and liquid extract for internal and external use. Not to be Confused With: Black Nightshade was often called Petty (a corruption of "petit") Morel, to distinguish it from Preparation: To prepare a rinse or moist compress, add a the Deadly Nightshade, or Great Morel, as it is also handful of drug to 1 liter of water and boil for 10 minutes. Other Names: Garden Nightshade, Petty Morel, Poisonberry Daily Dosage: Externally, use as a compress or rinse.

Health risks or side effects following the proper administra- Leaves buy 100mg cilostazol fast delivery, Stem and Root: Gossypium herbaceum is an tion of designated therapeutic dosages are not reported order cilostazol 100mg without prescription. The Mode of Administration: Comminuted drug and powder generic cilostazol 50mg free shipping, as leaves are broadly cordate, coriaceous, reticulate, pubescent well as other galenic preparations for oral administration. Today it is mainly cultivated in Egypt, China, India, Anatolia and Daily Dosages^lno 4r g. Further information in: Chinese Medicine: Cotton is used in China as a male Hansel R, Keller K, Rimpler H. Levisticum officinale Daily Dosage: The standard single dose to be taken See Lovage internally is 2 g of the drug, or 10 g of a 20% decoction, i. The dosage of the liquid extract administered during labor is a single dose of 1 to 2 level teaspoonfuls, with another similar dose given 2 to Liatris spicata 4 times daily after the birth as a post-natal styptic. Licorice Storage: Store Cotton in well-filled containers, protected Glycyrrhiza glabra from light and heat. The Triterpene saponins (3-15%): chief components glycyrrhetic calyx is short, bell-shaped and glandular-haired. The tips of acid (sweet-tasting, aglycone 18beta-glycyrrhetic acid, salts the calyx are longer than the tube, and are pointed lanceolate. It is erect and splayed, flat Flavonoids: aglycones including liquiritigenin, isoliquiritige- with thick sutures, glabrous, somewhat reticulate-pitted, and nin (its chalcone), isolicoflavonol, isoliquiritin, licoricidin usually has 3 to 5 brown, reniform seeds. Isoflavonoids: aglycones formononetin, glabren, glabridin, Leaves, Stem and Root: The plant is a herbaceous perennial. The taproot is 15 cm long and subdivides into 3 to 5 subsidiary Cumestan derivatives: glycyrol, isoglycyrol, liquocoumarin roots, 1. New stems are produced every Hydroxycoumarins: including herniarin, umbelliferone, gly- year. They are sturdy, erect, branched either from the base or cycoumarin, licopyranocoumarin from further up, and are generally rough at the top. The Steroids: sterols, including beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol foliage leaves are alternate, odd pinnate and 10 to 20 cm long. The stipules are very Volatile oil (very little): with anethole, estragole, eugenol, small and drooping. Glycyrrhiza glanulifera is found in south- Anti-Inflammatory/Anti-platelet Effects eastern Europe and western Asia. Glycyrrhiza typica is indigenous Glabridin exerts anti-inflammatory effects through inhibition to southern Europe and southwest Asia. Licorice has the ability to release endogenous secretin, which is a potential mediator of Isoflavonoids: aglycones formononetin, glabren, glabridin, the antiulcer actions (Shiratori, 1986). Carbenoxolone, a glabrol, 3-hydroxyglabroI, glycyrrhisoflavone succinate derivative of glycyrrhetic acid, has been shown to accelerate the healing of ulcers (Barbara, 1979; Bianchi, Cumestan derivatives: glycyrol, isoglycyrol, liqcoumarin 1985). Deglycyrrhizinated licorice is also effective for Hydroxycoumarins: including herniarin, umbelliferone, gly- healing ulcers and lacks undesirable side effects seen with cycoumarin, licopyranocumarin carbenoxolone (Morgan, 1982). The not compare well with reported treatment success rates of compound is thought to bind to hepatocytes at a concentra- H2-receptor antagonists (Bianchi, 1985). Glycyrrhizin stimulates interferon gamma produced A randomized, single-blind trial compared the efficacy of by T-cells for an antiviral effect against influenza virus deglycyrrhizinated licorice (Caved-S®) to cimetidine in 100 infection (Utsunomiya, 1997). The medications were equally effective and superior to alibicans associated with thermal injury (Utsunomiya, 1999). Mineralcorticoid Effects Endoscopic evaluation showed healing of ulcers in 60% and 66% of the Caved-S and cimetidine groups, respectively at Licorice inhibits the enzyme 11-beta- hydroxysteroid dehy- the end of 6 weeks. After 12 weeks, healing had occurred in drogenase in the kidney, which leads to decreased transfor- 88% and 94%, respectively (Morgan et al, 1982). The mineralocorticoid action of Cortisol causes a decrease in serum potassium and Hepatitis an increase in serum sodium concentration resulting in A retrospective study evaluated the long-term use of a retention of water, causing weight increase and hypertension glycyrrhizin-containing solution for prevention of hepatocel- (Palermo, 1996). Carbenoxalone was • Gastritis administered as 300 mg daily for 1 week followed by 150 mg daily for 5 weeks. Pimzepine was administered as 150 Unproven Uses: The drug is used for catarrh of the upper mg daily for 6 weeks. There was no significant difference respiratory tract as well as for gastric/duodenal ulcers. The drug is roids potentiates effects due to the prolonged half-life of also used as a treatment for epilepsy and inflammation of the Cortisol. In rare Chinese Medicine: The herb is used for sore throats, cases, myoglobinemia has resulted due to the mineralcorti- carbuncles, spleen disorders, dry cough, and dehydration. The Unproven Uses: The drug is used for gastritis, gastric ulcers, complaints disappear after discontinuing the daig. Various teas contain extracts of the drug, for ated with licorice toxicity (Synhaivsky, 1980).

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Alterations in As with pain order cilostazol 100 mg overnight delivery, dyspnea assessment begins with a determi- the respiratory system can be considered in the context nation of the quality of the discomfort (Table 2-1) generic cilostazol 100mg overnight delivery. Similarly purchase 100mg cilostazol, alterations in the cardiovas- Sensory Intensity cular system can be grouped into three categories: con- A modified Borg scale or visual analogue scale can be used ditions associated with high, normal, and low cardiac to measure dyspnea at rest, immediately after exercise, or output (Fig. When confronted with a pathophysiologic categories that explain the vast majority of patient with shortness of breath of unclear cause, it is useful cases. Stimulation of pul- associated with obesity is probably caused by multiple monary receptors, as occurs in those with acute bron- mechanisms, including high cardiac output and impaired chospasm, interstitial edema, and pulmonary embolism, ventilatory pump function. High alti- Normal Cardiac Output tude, high progesterone states such as pregnancy, and drugs Cardiovascular deconditioning is characterized by early such as aspirin stimulate the controller and may cause dys- development of anaerobic metabolism and stimulation pnea even when the respiratory system is normal. Diastolic dys- function—caused by hypertension, aortic stenosis, or Ventilatory Pump hypertrophic cardiomyopathy—is an increasingly frequent Disorders of the airways (e. Conditions Low Cardiac Output that stiffen the chest wall, such as kyphoscoliosis, or that Diseases of the myocardium resulting from coronary weaken the ventilatory muscles, such as myasthenia artery disease and nonischemic cardiomyopathies result gravis or Guillain-Barré syndrome, are also associated in a greater left ventricular end-diastolic volume and an with an increased effort to breathe. Large pleural effu- elevation of the left ventricular end-diastolic as well as sions may contribute to dyspnea, both by increasing the pulmonary capillary pressures. Pulmonary receptors are work of breathing and by stimulating pulmonary recep- stimulated by the elevated vascular pressures and resul- tors if associated atelectasis is present. Gas Exchanger Pneumonia, pulmonary edema, and aspiration all inter- fere with gas exchange. In these cases, relief of hypoxemia typically In obtaining a history, the patient should be asked to has only a small impact on the intensity of dyspnea. Orthopnea is a common indicator of congestive heart High Cardiac Output failure, mechanical impairment of the diaphragm asso- Mild to moderate anemia is associated with breathing ciated with obesity, or asthma triggered by esophageal discomfort during exercise. Left-to-right intracardiac 10 History Quality of sensation, timing, positional disposition Persistent vs. Nocturnal dyspnea suggests congestive heart accessory muscles of ventilation; and the tripod posi- failure or asthma. Whereas acute, intermittent episodes tion, characterized by sitting with one’s hands braced of dyspnea are more likely to reflect episodes of on the knees) is indicative of disorders of the venti- myocardial ischemia, bronchospasm, or pulmonary latory pump, most commonly increased airway resis- embolism, chronic persistent dyspnea is typical of tance or stiff lungs and chest wall. Risk factors for the vital signs, an accurate assessment of the respira- occupational lung disease and for coronary artery dis- tory rate should be obtained and examination for a ease should be solicited. Exami- The physical examination should begin during the nation of the chest should focus on symmetry of interview of the patient. A patient’s inability to speak movement, percussion (dullness indicative of pleural in full sentences before stopping to get a deep breath effusion, hyperresonance a sign of emphysema), and suggests a condition that leads to stimulation of the auscultation (wheezes, rales, rhonchi, prolonged controller or an impairment of the ventilatory pump expiratory phase, diminished breath sounds, which with reduced vital capacity. Evidence for increased are clues to disorders of the airways, and interstitial work of breathing (supraclavicular retractions; use of edema or fibrosis). The cardiac examination should focus on signs of elevated right heart pressures (jugu- the respiratory system is probably the cause of the 11 lar venous distention, edema, accentuated pulmonic problem. Alternatively, if the heart rate is above 85% component to the second heart sound), left ventricu- of the predicted maximum, anaerobic threshold lar dysfunction (S3 and S4 gallops), and valvular dis- occurs early, the blood pressure becomes excessively ease (murmurs). The first goal is to correct the underlying problem Patients with exertional dyspnea should be asked to responsible for the symptom. A should be administered if the resting O2 saturation is “picture” of the patient while symptomatic may be 90% or below or if the patient’s saturation decreases to worth thousands of dollars in laboratory tests. Studies of anxiolytics and antidepres- indicates obstructive lung disease; low lung volumes sants have not demonstrated consistent benefit. Experi- suggest interstitial edema or fibrosis, diaphragmatic mental interventions (e. The pul- vibration, and inhaled furosemide) to modulate the monary parenchyma should be examined for evidence afferent information from receptors throughout the res- of interstitial disease and emphysema. Unilateral The extent to which fluid accumulates in the intersti- effusions raise the specter of carcinoma and pulmonary tium of the lung depends on the balance of hydrostatic embolism but may also occur in patients with heart and oncotic forces within the pulmonary capillaries and failure. Hydrostatic pressure favors evaluation of the lung parenchyma (interstitial lung movement of fluid from the capillary into the intersti- disease) and possible pulmonary embolism. Although hypoalbu- systolic dysfunction, pulmonary hypertension, or minemia favors movement of fluid into the tissue for valvular heart disease is suspected. Direct Injury to Lung Hydrostatic pressure is increased and fluid exits the cap- Chest trauma, pulmonary contusion Aspiration illary at an increased rate, resulting in interstitial and, in Smoke inhalation more severe cases, alveolar edema. The development of Pneumonia pleural effusions may further compromise respiratory Oxygen toxicity system function and contribute to breathing discomfort. Pulmonary embolism, reperfusion Early signs of pulmonary edema include exertional Hematogenous Injury to Lung dyspnea and orthopnea. Chest radiographs show peri- Sepsis bronchial thickening, prominent vascular markings in Pancreatitis Nonthoracic trauma the upper lung zones, and Kerley B lines. As the pul- Leukoagglutination reactions monary edema worsens, alveoli fill with fluid, and the Multiple transfusions chest radiograph shows patchy alveolar filling, typically Intravenous drug use (e.

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